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Charlie Sheen's Character returning to "Two and a Half Men" in April

Charlie Sheen's character returning to "Two and a Half Men"

"Two and a Half Men" fans haven't seen the last of Charlie Harper, the now-deceased (and dust-busted) character that ex-castmember Charlie Sheen made famous.

But Sheen isn't returning to his former TV home. Instead, CBS has announced that they've cast someone else to play his ghost ... and it's not who you'd expect.

"Harry's Law" star Kathy Bates will stop by the CBS show (both "Men" and "Law" are Warner Bros. productions) in the April 30 episode as the ghost of Sheen's Charlie Harper. That ghost will be visiting Charlie's brother Alan (Jon Cryer), who'll suffer a minor heart attack in the episode.

Sheen's character was killed off of the series at the start of this season after the actor's very public battle with series creator Chuck Lorre. They've had fun winking and nodding about Sheen's issues ever since, but we can't wait to see what excuse they'll have for why he looks so different in the afterlife.

"Men," now in its ninth season, has been revitalized in many ways this year with Sheen's departure and Ashton Kutcher's arrival, although it's still unknown whether or not Kutcher (or the show) will return for a tenth season.


Do you still watch Two and a Half Men?   What do you think of Charlie Harper's ghost returning to visit Alan?  


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I loved this show with Charlie Sheen and have not seen it since Kutcher came on board. I am sure it will be a funny episode and I may try to catch it, as I'm also a Kathy Bates fan. I think Jon Cryer is a great comedic actor as well.

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When I read the post title I really wondered how they could pull that off - The bad blood that happened after the train wreck...
But now I get it! I did watch the new series for about 8 episodes, but I find it hard to watch regular TV much and fell out of it. I think I will have to catch up online and check this out.

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Have not enjoyed it since he left. Will be a funny episode to catch!

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Never did watch this much and haven't for some time, but I'm a big Kathy Bates fan, so this episode I think I will watch. Thanks for the heads-up.

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unusual casting

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It's a stretch but I love Kathy Bates , About Schmidt, Misery, great movies. They seem to be having trouble letting the whole Charlie thing go and moving on.

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We still watch the re-runs as well as the new show, which is just not the same. Altho I loved the show I cannot say I still feel the same about Charlie Sheen.

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never watch but like Kathy Bates

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Dont like the show but like Kathy Bates should be interesting for sure

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don't mind it at all ,still watch it.

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Interesting. Thanks for the share, She.

I have caught a few episodes of the series over the years in syndication. I know a few friends of family & fam' who have followed the show over the years, so I made it a point to record this season's episodes (and check them out a day or two later). The older platform with the troubled Sheen was certainly better/funnier, so it's interesting comparing Kutcher's involvement to how things were run when Sheen was around for 8 popular seasons previously prior to his whole #Winning embarassment for months.

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I stopped watching the show long before Charlie Sheen left, not because I didn't like it, but mainly because of one thing or another that interfered with me watching. I can't understand why they're using a female as his ghost, but it doesn't matter I still won't be watching it.

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dropped the show and never looked back

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