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Wow! I am a winner again..Thank you Saveland

Just received an email from Tim informing me that I am

the winner of the HomeHardware G/C for this month.

Thank you Tim,Saveland and Home Hardware.

Tim noted in his email.

February and March were very busy months with the new contests and the huge amount of DVDs we have given away (over 500 winners!). The traffic has shot up and we have so many new members. 

Very good news the membership keeps growing.


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Congratulations Dinger! You deserve it!

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Dinger, I knew you would be back with a HH win. Congrats

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congratulations on a very useful win.

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Good news Dinger, try not to buy something that has work attached to it!

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Congrats Dinger

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Good for you.

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Congrat's on your win

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Congratulations Dinger on big win.great to win

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Enjoy your shopping spree, Dinger! :)

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congrats on another win!

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Great Win.....Congrats!

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Big congrats, Dinger. Well-deserved win =) ^

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