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Go Paperless - President's Choice Financial - sign up for e-statements by June 15th - get 5,000 PC Points

From President's Choice Financial via email.

5000 PC Points = the equivalent of $5 in free groceries.

They're hoping people switch over to paper statements to paperless, e-statements ...



Tear yourself apart from paper. Get e-statements and get 5,000 PC points

Choose the easier and more convenient way to manage your President's Choice Financial® MasterCard® account - online. Not only is it more environmentally friendly
than traditional mail, you get:

Immediate information. You can check your up-to-date account balance and recently posted transactions instantly.

It's accessible. You can see your monthly statements from anywhere you have Internet access: home, work, on vacation or at a friend's.

It's efficient: You can pull up and view up to 12 months of past statements. So no more paper statements to store or worry about losing.

Sign up for electronic statements by June 15, 2012,
and receive 5,000 PC® points!*

If you haven't already registered online, visit today to sign in to the PC Financial® MasterCard® account management site. Once you're logged in, just click on "enroll in online documents" and follow the instructions provided!


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we will stick to our paper statement but this is a good deal. Are you taking it?

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still prefer the paper billing, don't need the net to check the amount do as I just have to give them a call

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Fluffy / PG - Agreed. Everything's seemingly going digital these days. I preferred the days of receiving a variety of paper statements. My Bell / Scotiabank and some others are currently digital (as they switched over to a $2 fee for paper).

My PC ... I'll probably continue it as paper statement(s) until they eventually start charging us for same.

I did have some bad experiences in years past with our mail delivery. Very poor sorting system and carriers ... a number of important pieces of mail ended up scattered around the neighbourhood (sometimes 5 - 10 mins away at completely different addresses). A driver's license / a couple of invoices / some income statements from work / a few magazine subscription issues / a cheque / etc. Not pleased at all. Especially with security / identity theft-type concerns these days and all.

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$5 incentive isn't enough at this time. If they made it $10 - 20 I might be a bit more tempted. Currently have about 52,000 points on card.

13196 topics   70951 posts
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