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Noticed these come out before x-mas at safeway in the produce section looks like a box of chocolate but has a picture of a mango and a bowl of dried mangoes with chocolate drizzled on it. The pieces in the bowl are exactly what's in the package.  It says 100% natural on the box and now that its on the after x-mas sale price I decided to try it. I was suprised when I opened the package as there are two bags and inside each bag each piece is individually wrapped. I won't overeat this way but it does seem to be exc...
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I got my free sample of this and have used it once so far. I have naturally wavy/curly hair and it has been winter dry and frizzy lately. I like the effect this product had on my hair with just one use it made it smoother and less frizzy which is exactly what I need it washes out so my hair is not greasy. I like the product I will use it. 
Posted: 12/26/2011 - 5 comment(s)
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The price on this hotel was really great it was the second choice but first choice was booked. Check-in was a breeze they even gave us three  beds in the room a double and two twins on each side. This was a treat. The room was clean and had everything needed including a lanai which was nice to just sit on and marvel at the world. The was very centrally located international market place behind, shopping road infront, beach a couple blocks away and so much more everything is within walking distance. There is also...
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A friend of mine told me her favorite chocolate store has opened up in vancouver and gave me a box as a gift. The box says 100% pure cocoa butter  and the address in in belgium. Being a chocolate fanatic I know good quality chocolate. This chocolate just tastes pure you can just tell its made with quality ingredients. My friend was happy that she will no longer have to travel to have this chocolate. Its definately fine belgium chooclate. I am really glad my friend only gave me a small box because I ate the whole...
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My friend told me it was fun to play with the stars while you are bored in class but I found a better use. Since I have discounts if I use my card and I change bags/purses a lot being able to use the app as your card and pay with your phone is such a great feature. I forgot to take my card to Hawaii but I was easily able to use the app to pay and get my rewards. You just pull your card up in the app and you hold your phone to the starbucks scanner its really cool. I really like paying with my phone now. The only prob...
Posted: 12/18/2011 - 2 comment(s)
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Can't believe this restaurant is very close to where I live and I have never noticed it before. My best friend's family invited me to their family dinner it was really great. The decor is really nice and we had a table of 8 but we had a lot of room between us. As we had a couple of vegetarians in the group for starters we ordered one meat platter and one vegetarian platter. The vegetarian platter was one of the best I have had, sauteed mushrooms, spanakopita, zucchini sticks, homous, and tzatski. The meat platter had...
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Ok yes I could cook my own rice and freeze it but I wanted to make a curry in my multi-cooker and didn't have time to cook both. I thought it was just a single 2 serving pouch in the box but its actually 3 2 serving portions. Its nice to have rice ready in the freezer just take out the bag and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes its just like making microwave popcorn. I don't buy minute rice because most of them have chemicals in the ingredients. This has one ingredient cooked whole grain brown rice. Its cooked per...
Posted: 12/3/2011 - 8 comment(s)
Noor Mahal vancouver location has been around for a long time I have been there many times at least over the last 15 years its probably been open longer but the owner's often change. This is south indian cuisine and is the best dosa in vancouver. They have opened a second location in a hotel in New Westminster. The menu  has a lot more variety than the vancouver location because it is in a hotel so they expanded the cusinine to western, south indian and malayasian.  The atmoshpere inside is nice much big...
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I was pretty excited to try this as I have been drinking the Nabob Tassimo for the last year or so but I always have to press the extend button to get it strong enough and I can only last a couple of days wihtout going to starbucks.  The long espresso is great because there is no need to press the extend button it adds a nice froth to the top when I first tried it it had a bit of a burnt taste but that mellowed out after a bit. This will probably replace my nabob espresso's but its still not going to replace my ...
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I had to try this one not very often a vegetarian product comes out on top in a tv contest. I almsot didn't buy it when i read on the box that it takes an hour to cook and requires some preperation for the crust. Its a nice size pie fit perfectly in my toaster oven. The crust you have to mix it with water and then put it on plastic wrap and shape it, I didn't like this part I do cook but with prepared products I don't want to do dishes or work. I am sure I didn't do this properly so I wish they would have it rolled o...
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I don't understand the marketing behind this one. They heavily market that there is 2 servings of fruit in each can. Its a 250ml can with 30g of sugar in it. Its made up of a bunch of concentratedjuices. I tried the pomegranat cranberry one made with apple,white grape, lemon organge cranberry, arona berry, and pompegranate it tasted like a mixture of juices. I try to avoid pop but sometimes I do add sparkling water to juice. This is really the same idea there is less water and more juice in the can. There is nothing ...
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When I see it on tv I have to try it. Its a pretty good cookie, I have eaten a lot of glutten free cookies and this one tastes like a regular cookie. Its not the most exciting cookie ever but its a pretty good cookie. Tastes like a homemade cookie. The thing about glutten free snacks is because they are usually more expensive the portion sizes are usually smaller. This one is a normally priced package with regular size cookies in it. They were right not to label this as a smart cookie only as the first ingredient is ...
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Thank god the tickets to this movie were free, it was so slow and boring. I have watched the other twilight movies but have not read the books. I thought this was the worst movie of the series, it was kind of obvious they are going to drag this one out just to make money. The bright spot of this movie was that it wasn't that long and the free popcorn and the AVX theater helped make it bearable. 
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I used to use these until they got too expensive so I stopped for a while. Recently I didn't have time to wait for nail polish to dry so I used one of the new versions with a an argyle pattern on them. Everyone keeps asking me how I made that design on my nails. I really like these things no ruining nail polish with my impatience and looks very professional. They are really easy to get on just like putting a sticker on your nails. They last about 10 days which is longer than nail polish lasts for me.  
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Most of the mcd's around me are express so I came to the full size one just for the free coffee. It's really nice I like the design. It's comfortable almost diner like. I am sitting in it down wishing I had my computer with me could definately get a lot of work done here. It is the middle of a work day in a non central location so the people around me are mostly seniors reading the paper. The staff is friendly even said hi when walking by to clean the tables. I will definately look forward to this change in more mcdo...