Posted: 12/3/2011 - 8 comment(s)
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Noor Mahal vancouver location has been around for a long time I have been there many times at least over the last 15 years its probably been open longer but the owner's often change. This is south indian cuisine and is the best dosa in vancouver. They have opened a second location in a hotel in New Westminster. The menu  has a lot more variety than the vancouver location because it is in a hotel so they expanded the cusinine to western, south indian and malayasian. 

The atmoshpere inside is nice much bigger than the vancouver location and reminded me of some of the hotels in south india. I only tried the south indian  food was just as good as the vancouver location but did notice they tamed the spices down  because they are trying to cater to people that are new to the cuisine. 

I went with a friend that has never had a dosa before (a dosa is a crepe made form lentils/rice and its stuffed with a variety of fillings)  and she loved it kept saying how good it was. They are really trying to cater to the customers and the server/owner is attentive and friendly.

As there are very few places that serve south indian cuisine in the lower mainland area this one is a very good choice if you like south indian food or you want to try something new.