Posted: 12/18/2011 - 2 comment(s)
Category: Reviews ยป Dining
Can't believe this restaurant is very close to where I live and I have never noticed it before. My best friend's family invited me to their family dinner it was really great. The decor is really nice and we had a table of 8 but we had a lot of room between us. As we had a couple of vegetarians in the group for starters we ordered one meat platter and one vegetarian platter. The vegetarian platter was one of the best I have had, sauteed mushrooms, spanakopita, zucchini sticks, homous, and tzatski. The meat platter had dolmathes, meat balls, spanokapita, calamari, homous and tsaski. There was no shortage of bread. As we had ordered entress before the platters came most of us ended up taking some food home, the meat dishes were huges rack of lamb, ribs that covered the entire plate. I had a spanokapita dinner which came with greek salad with lots of feta, a potato, rice, and green beans for the sides all of it was very good. A couple of people ordered baklava which looked like a piece of pumpkin pie from the size and shape it was also very good but way to much for one person to eat. There was 4 of us that managed to finish one after that meal.  The prices were in line with dinner prices for other vancouver restaurants but I know there is an entertainment book coupon for 2 for 1 dinner which would make it a great deal. I would definately recommend this restaurant.