Posted: 12/19/2011 - 3 comment(s)
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My friend told me it was fun to play with the stars while you are bored in class but I found a better use. Since I have discounts if I use my card and I change bags/purses a lot being able to use the app as your card and pay with your phone is such a great feature. I forgot to take my card to Hawaii but I was easily able to use the app to pay and get my rewards. You just pull your card up in the app and you hold your phone to the starbucks scanner its really cool. I really like paying with my phone now. The only problem is my original card and the gold card starbucks registered for me are in $US dollars on the app; however, the card I won on saveland is showing in Canadian dollars so there must be a way to fix that. As I used the app in the states I really didn't mind it already being in US dollars. I have all 3 of my cards registered on the app so I can always choose which one to pay with depending on which country I am in. If you are addicted to starbucks this is a good app if not its probably useless.