Posted: 12/27/2011 - 9 comment(s)
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Noticed these come out before x-mas at safeway in the produce section looks like a box of chocolate but has a picture of a mango and a bowl of dried mangoes with chocolate drizzled on it. The pieces in the bowl are exactly what's in the package.  It says 100% natural on the box and now that its on the after x-mas sale price I decided to try it. I was suprised when I opened the package as there are two bags and inside each bag each piece is individually wrapped. I won't overeat this way but it does seem to be excessive packaging easy to transport though so that's good. The mango is not very sweet but its a nice treat especially if you are trying to be healthy but need something sweet each day. 5 pieces are 130 calories but since they are individually wrapped its not likely you will eat 5 pieces at a time.