Posted: 10/27/2014 - 8 comment(s)
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This is a new place in coquitlam. It is pretty small inside but is actually located on a side of the street where there isn't any other food places just offices. I ordered take out. Got a veggie box for myself it contained yam tempura roll, tofu terriyaki, and salad. I liked everything in here the terriyaki had nice vegetables like pieces of zuchini and peppers and the sauce and the tofu were a little greasy but I liked it all togehter. The yam tempura roll had avacado and cucumber in it and the salad had a nice tasting dressing on it. The box was $7 for me it was a good value. For someone else I got a california chicken box $6 it contaned a california roll, terriyaki chicken, and salad. The only complaint there was there wasn't extra rice for the chicken and I didn't order tempura but that can be added for $2.00. I ordered by phone they told me it would take 15 minutes and I showed up there at exactly 15 minutes my order was ready when I got there. The service was decent. Not really a place that would be comfy to sit in and eat but a good place for take out.