Posted: 1/31/2015 - 8 comment(s)
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I used to drink starbucks everyday and after I stopped for awhile.I didn't like the coffee anymore I prefer in dependant coffee shops but Starbucks is convenient and a lot of the independants don't offer soy milk so I still go to starbucks once in awhile. When I first tried the flat white with regular milk I really liked it the espresso was stringer than it is in the cappaccino's and it was a nice tasting drink. When I tried it with soy milk it's not very good I can taste the sweet soy milk and can't taste the coffee at all. I don't really see a difference between a soy latte and a soy flat white except the latte would be cheaper. For me the reason I stopped drinking starbucks was the price$4.95 for not the best coffee I prefer the stronger organic coffee for a little bit cheaper at another coffee store but if you a Starbucks addict the flat white is a good choice.