Posted: 2/16/2015 - 5 comment(s)
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This restaurant is in one of the most expensive areas of downtown Vancouver they have a $9.99 breakfast special that includes two eggs, hash browns, and toast and sausage ( they replaced my meat with grilled tomatoes. For the location and the atmosphere this is a good value. I like the decor of the place I am not sure what country I am supposed to be in though. It's France or Italy they have left travelling books around for the decor. The service is really good just attentive enough not annoying. My breakfast was good with the hash browns were fried potatoes I did notice and maybe it's because when I worked in restaurants I got in trouble for not cutting potatoes evenly these potatoes sizes ranged from really large to super thin. It created different textures I am not sure if it was on purpose or someone who needs practice cutting. The ketchup is a balsamic ketchup I like it. It's a nice place for a good breakfast.