Posted: 4/22/2018 - 4 comment(s)
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I usually clean my own place but a couple times a year I like to get a cleaner to come in because I am not a good cleaner. I have tried various services this time I bought  a groupon to try a new company Peak Janitorial. I called to make the appointment but didn't leave a message they called me back right away to ask why I called we scheduled the appoitment I was having a hard time scheduling as it was a two hour service but they did manage to find a time before my groupon expired. After that I had no communication with the office no reminder or anything. Two girls showed up about ten minutes late which is acceptable to me becuase I know it is hard to find my place. They told me because there is two of them it would only be one hour which was fine with me but I wondered why the office didn't tell me that would have been easier to schedule the service. They asked me what I wanted them to do I have had around 10 different people clean my place no one has ever asked me that. I told them to clean the place and I expected them to do a normal service whatever they normally do specificying to clean the bathroom, kitchen, wipe things down. They asked me if they should take their shoes off I said you are cleaning the place it doesn't matter to me I didn't expect them not to walk on the floor they cleaned with their dirty shoes but they did. After about 40 minutes they asked me if they should clean the room again every other cleaner I have had has just done it its an open concept apartment I two entrances into the room no privacy expected. They didn't really clean the floor anyways I have hard wood floors and they vacummed some parts and sprayed and sort of mopped some parts. The girl did a decent job in the bathroom but I kept wondering where my floss went. I finally found it in the shower with my shampoo I keep wondering how the floss got from the other side of the bathroom to inside the shower. They left streaks on my mirrors and dust bunnies around. I also wasn't impressed with knowing I had just washed sheets on an unmaid bed the girl put my dirty laundry basket on the clean sheets and left it there she could have put it somewhere else. I ended up cleaning a bit after they left kind of defeats the purpose of a cleaner but I was happy after I fixed the things they missed. These girls didn't know how to clean so I wouldn't recommend this service.