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Cirque du Soleil Crystal tickets for Hamilton, Ontario
$5,000. Hudson's Bay Gift Card
$250 Visa gift card
Edmonton Symphony tickets + dinner + gift card
Team Canada prize pack, AB only
Unsane movie passes,Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal
Canadian Stage tickets,no QC
VCC Flourish Gala tickets, BC only
Spring Cottage Life Show 2018 Tickets, best for GTA
Murder On The Orient Express on Blu-ray
Princess Auto Elite 10 curling tournament tickets for Winnipeg
$1000 Structube gift card,instagram
$1,000 Copp's Buildall gift card, photo,London, Ontario only
Juno tickets + Westin Grand stay, best for Metro Vancouver
Trip to Ireland, no QC
Name Our New Yacht
Win $100 CASH!! (usd)
Win a pair of pediped kids shoes
Blu-rays, DVDs and  Movie Memorabilia