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Posted: 2/4/2012 - 7 comment(s)
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I have a confession to make.  I have a secret love of end of the world movies plus zombie movies.  So imagine my thrill when I discovered my two loves combined in a television series!
The first episode starts in a small town in the U.S. where a destructive epidemic sweeps the entire world.  All leadership and the world infrastructure is gone.
Humans who are bitten become the walking dead.  These creatures hunt the surviving humans as food.
The shocked and battered survivors come together to find sanctuary and/or help with little luck.
Every where they go, seems to be worse than were they come from.  The group constantly struggle to survive as they get plucked off one by one by the walkers.  
The dynamics between the members of the group is absorbing.  Two cops lead the group of different people of mixed races, different ages and agendas.  
The special effects are amazing.  The acting is great.  The first season comprises of only 6 episodes.  The second season has 8 episodes.
The second season actually puts your beliefs upside down when you find the good guys falling apart. While the racist hillbilly that nobody likes, is the one who's actions are keeping everyone alive and safe.
The good part:  non stop action, involving characters and never knowing what will happen next!
The bad part:  please ignore the gaping holes of missing logic and incidents that do not make sense.  Good example:  They are starving to death but are walking past cars and store filled with food.  I also want to strangle the female characters who are drab and submissive.  Just put your brain on hold and enjoy.
I wore my zombie t'shirt while shopping today and was astounded at how many people have approached me to talk about this show.  Everyone is excited because the last episode will be seen on February 12th.javascript:nicTemp();