You can’t win ‘em all dept: Michael Jackson’s mother ordered to pay $800,000

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The Jackson family sued promotion company AEG in 2010 claiming it negligently hired and supervised cardiologist Conrad Murray, who gave Michael Jackson a lethal dose of the anaesthetic propofol as a sleep aid during his planned...

Uncle Phil researches Ten more great movies never made – What a pity!!

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It’s good to have friends who know a thing or two about movies, or in this case movies that never quite made it. From the UK, Christian Blauvelt the deputy editor of BBC Culture has come up with another list that makes yo...


Beatles & Stones Managers Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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For the very first time ever, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has inducted two managers of rock bands. Naturally the two biggest rock bands of all time; the honors went to the late Brian Epstein, who guided the Beatles to stardo...


Psst! Sean Penn’s Daughter Dylan Naked For Treats Magazine!

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Some light hearted nonsense to help you through the week; here’s another starlet (do we still use that word?) who needs the publicity, this time it’s Sean Penn’s daughter showing her “assets” for a...



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In the field of entertainment, violence and horror have always been with us. In the early days of lantern shows, it wasn’t unusual for ladies to faint at the site of a painted slide of a scene depicting a violent act, or ...
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‘Turn’ premieres on AMC against ‘Game of Thrones’; riskiest move possible?

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Matt Carter of looks at a major risk for an AMC series.


Alas, no more dead parrot jokes: Monty Python to disband after 10 London reunion shows

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John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Graham Chapman are Monty Python’s Flying Circus. They are legends. They are a one of a kind comedic troupe that were part of the culture revolution of ...

This had to happen, Big Bang Theory shoots Star Wars episode with Luscasfilm

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George Lucas meets up with Sheldon Cooper! Yes folks US sitcom Big Bang Theory has teamed up with Lucasfilm to create a special, Star Wars-themed episode. The Proton Transmogrification will follow the series’ socially-cha...


You may not know him, but, one of the most influential guitarists has died.

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To anyone who has ever picked up a guitar and tried to be good enough to join a band, one of the first things learnt was how to play “guitar boogie”. This is actually the first real rock guitar instrumental recorded...


Are we all getting a little hysterical now? – Believe this! – Microsoft roots out ‘bad’ Xbox Live players

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Big brother is watching folks..and this time it’s Microsoft! Beware,beware.. geeks rule! Xbox One players who cheat or display anti-social behavior during online games will be punished, Microsoft has revealed. Such player...


It had to happen department – but I’m sorry – Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay star Chris Martin to separate

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Hollywood marriages rarely last, but this one was a little different as the couple were made up of an actress and a rock musician and that alone usually spells disaster, so I am sorry to hear the marriage is over even if they w...

Look out! Madonna to return to film directing!

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The ageless singer is at it again, this time Madonna is to direct her third film, an adaptation of Rebecca Walker’s debut novel Ade: A Love Story. It tells the story of an American student who falls in love with a young M...