Posted: 3/11/2019 - 3 comment(s)
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Another selection from Netflix that is, amazingly, still available for viewing (I am really hoping there will be another season added someday but I have heard nothing to indicate that will happen)


In light of the International Women’s Day last week and some of the great articles that engendered I thought it appropriate to look at a “mini-series” that highlighted not only the essential role played by women during the Second WW, but also the almost painful “secrecy” surrounding their work both at the time and for years after. 


Because they were involved in code-breaking, they were described as “secretaries” at the time. Their true involvement was not known to anyone “outside the circle”. Unlike others, they went on to led rather mundane lives, never recognized for their efforts and their achievements. They worked during the war and also during Post-war times. 

Originally airing in the UK and later on PBS, it ran for two “seasons”.  It’s basically a mystery series, with an emphasis on solving a murder rather than solving a code, but the initial involvement with the codeword is integral to the plot.


I’d give it 8/10.


If you didn’t catch it on PBS (or possibly in a PBS re-run), look for it on Netflix.