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Global Currents was a documentary series which ran a few years ago. Like alot of documentary-styled series, it had intriguing subject matter. I caught a few episodes years back, and then happened to see the series listed in the menu guide on Saturday evening and recorded it to watch on Sunday. The episode featured the Greater Vancouver region, and the involvement of South Asian youth in the gang scene locally. The episode was entitled "Warrior Boyz". I wish I had known more about the doc' series years back, as this series appears to have started in 2005/2006 and finished airing in 2008 (the subject matter for the episode I caught yesterday was from 2007).

Wikipedia - "Global Currents is a Canadian news television series, which airs weekly on Global Television Network. Hosted by Kevin Newman, the series airs one documentary film each week.The series originally launched in 2005, replacing the newsmagazine series Global Sunday. Initially, there was no umbrella title for the series, with each week's documentary promoted under its own individual title. The title Global Currents began to be used in 2007.

The series was shown Saturday evenings at 7 p.m., save for the autumn of 2007 when it was shown at 10 p.m."