Posted: 9/13/2015 - 2 comment(s)
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I bought this book at Chapters for $3.99 plus tax.

The pictures are bright and colorful which captures the interest of the children.

Caillou and the day care kids go on the bus to the orchard. Yellow and red apples are cut in pieces so the kids can taste the apples and see which one they liked best. Then the kids get to ride in a hay wagon pulled by a tractor to the orchard. They get to have the experience of picking apples too. They each get to take a small basket of apples home.

The picture of the kids on the hay wagon turned out to be very appealing to the child I read this book to. Good addtion to the storyline.

Good storyline to capture the children's interest.  Good time of year to read this book.

I am glad I bought this book as the child I read it to enjoyed it very much.