Posted: 11/15/2015 - 11 comment(s)
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I bought this 400g package of these dry ingredients from the store Nutrition Plus for $7.69.

Ingredients: white sorghum,wild rice,parboiled brown rice ,red lentils,quinoa.  That is it.

You take 1 cup of this and 4 cups of water and boil for 5 minutes. Then cook on medium for 20 minutes. Drain.

This package has 2 cups worth of ingredients.

The ingredients were tender. You could only taste the rice,lentils and quinoa. Not to my liking but my husband loves it because there is no salt added and you just have the basic ingredients.  I would have liked some herbs or lemon flavor or something else.

Nutrition facts: for 1/4 cup: calories 160,fat 1.5g,sodium 3mg(not added but just in the ingredients themselves),potassium 180mg,carbs 32g,fibre 3g,sugars 1g,protein 6g.

A very nutritious and healthy product .