Posted: 3/20/2018 - 2 comment(s)
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I bought this 375 g box of 18 biscuits at Superstore.  I forget the price. The box says: No sugar added. No sodium. High fibre

First time eating this. Ate 1 biscuit in milk,. There is no flavor. The wheat cereal  looks stringy and is crunchy but not hard. I added fresh sliced strawberries and that was tasty. No need to add sugar.  The box shows adding blueberries or strawberries and that is what I did.  The cereal sitting in milk for awhile does not get soggy.  You could add another type of cereal with it in the bowl to add variety.

Ingredients: Whole wheat.      Yes,that is it.

Nutrition facts: for 2 muffets or 42g: calories 150,fat 1g,sodium 0mg,carbs 34g,fibre 5g,sugars 0g,protein 5g.

A very healthy cereal and if you add fruit it is still healthy and more flavorful.