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I bought this at Sobeys for $4.00,456g box.  First time eating this cereal.

It says on the box : Helping farmers transition to organic.

I ate these little biscuits with a bowl of milk.  I could really taste the cocoa flavor and I could see the cocoa on the biscuits. There was only a hint of cinnamon flavor . I do not like a strong flavor of cinnamon. The biscuits did not get soggy in the bowl of milk . Nice crispy texture. 

I would buy this cereal again.

Very few ingredients: whole grain wheat,organic dried cane syrup,organic cocoa,organic cane syrup,cocoa extract,organic cinnamon.

Nutrition facts: for 31 biscuits,or 55g:    calories 180,fat 1g,sodium 5mg,potassium 180mg,carbs 42g,fibre 6g,sugars 9g,protein 5g.