Posted: 4/13/2018 - 5 comment(s)
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I got this 250 g bag free from samplesurvey.  First time eating this.

Easy to make. Put rice in frying pan with 2 TBSP water and heat.  Takes a few minutes.

Ate the rice with baked salmon. The rice had a nice texture. The taste was bland.  It would be a good idea to saute mushrooms and other veggies and put this rice with it to add flavor.

Acutally on the Uncle Ben's site for this product it says: Serve as a simple side or mix into main dish.

No artifical flavours,colors,preservatives.

Ingredients: water,basmati rice,canola oil and/or sunflower oil,soy lecithin. .

Nutrition facts: for 125ml (90g): calories 160,fat 2g,sodium 10mg.carbs 31g,fibre 2g,sugars 0g,protein 4g.