Posted: 3/26/2010 - 16 comment(s)
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I enjoy this magazing but i would not recommed getting a subscription, just buy it from the new stand or wherever you buy your magazines. First of all you do not save as much as they would like you to think because of the price of shipping. It cost me just over $50 in total for my year subscription, which is still a very good price if you buy the magazine each month. But the thing that anoyed me the most was the fact that they will continue your subscription and charge you for another year unless you send them back a sheet that they send you when your year is up to tell them that you do not whish to continue your subscripton (it is not pre paid envolope btw so you have to buy a stamp)


They are working with the system that they figure most people will be too lazy to go to the post office to drop off the letter and hopefully get another year of subcription out of the customer.


Just a heads up to anyone who was thinking of getting a subcription.