Canadian coupons, deals, flyers and contests

If you are looking to reach Canadian Shoppers with your marketing campaign and you are interested in innovative opportunities that will be particularly attractive to your customers, we have the right tools for you.

We offer some truly unique online advertising opportunities to engage directly with your target audience and give you the best brand exposure. You will get all the standard stuff such as banner advertising, email sponsorship and text links however if you want something customized and truly unique then talk to us about our Points and Reward Program, Sponsorship for Daily Prizing, Contests, Surveys and other highly effective solutions. Our coalition partners get superior creative marketing services with better response rates, tracking and analysis reporting and we will work with you, to build winning strategies:

    * Support for existing online and offline marketing campaigns
    * Drive traffic to stores to redeem coupons and offers
    * Drive traffic to your website for increased sales
    * Best search tools and positioning
    * Increased brand awareness
    * Intent to purchase from contest data collection
    * Exceptional response rates
    * Rapid turnaround times 
    * Trackable and measurable results
    * Extend your reach through our huge database of loyal members
    * Choice of message delivery by email newsletter, RRS feeds or mobile phone
    * Ability to identify and target specific demographic or psychographic groups. 

Reach over 150,000 Saveland members and over 300,000 monthly visitors across Canada.

Here is how:- Banner Advertising: 728x90, 300x250 - $7 CPM


Deals & Coupons Section:
Get your Deals featured on for less - $50 per week
Flyers Section:
Got a Flyer? Get more customers by getting it featured - $50 per week
Contests Section:
Build your email list. Get your Contest noticed by featuring it on Saveland - $50 per week

Weekly Email Newsletter: Sent to over 150,000 subscribers

  • $300 featured Deal, Flyer or Contest.
  • $500 banner inclusion - 728x90, 300x250

Exclusive email blast - contact us for details

Media Kit

To receive the PDF media kit with complete demographic information, advertising options, traffic statistics, and more please send us an e-mail with your contact information.