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I've noticed that sometimes when I reply to a post, poll, quiz, thumbs up or leave a comment on contests,etc, my number of points don't reflect this. Is there some kind of time delay?
Posted: 8/21/2014 - 1 total answers, 643 views. Status: canceled

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How do I collect Q&A points?

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First, there is a 24-time period between any activity on the site.

Second, in cases of thumbs down, no points are given.

Thumbs down is discouraged. This is something that is only supposed to be done in specific cases.

The rules on the site state:

Some suggestions about when it is appropriate to vote with a thumbs down: Usually you would only do it to show that the contest is not working, hard to enter or some other problem with the contest. If you do have a problem with a contest, it would be helpful to leave your comments for the rest of the members, rather than vote Thumbs Down. If you are in one Province and you see contest only open in a different Province, it would NOT be a reason to vote down. Also you are not getting any points when you vote it down so optically it looks as if you are being unreasonably negative and penalising the member that uploaded the contest.
Posted 6 year(s) ago by rosebuddy.
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