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How do I collect points?
Posted: 1/3/2014 - 1 total answers, 543 views. Status: open

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How do I collect Q&A points?

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How do I earn points?
You can earn points doing various activities on the site, like referring friends, uploading your profile photo, posting in the forum, vote, etc. You can also earn points by participating in our offers. Check "What activities reward me with points?"
What activities reward me with points?
Points are awarded for the following activities:Invite Friends, Refer friends (actual signup), Signup Bonus 50 points, Comment on someone's profile, Upload profile photo, Login to site, Comment on flyer, photo or media, Post a Review, Comment on Review, Comment on a Deal or a Coupon, Create a poll, Participate in a poll, Commenting on a Poll, Recommended vote, Forum new reply, Forum new topic, Comment on Contest, Submit New Contest, Vote up on Contest, Take Quiz, Quiz Comment, Take Scored Quiz, New Quiz, Business Comment, New Business, Post answer, Post question, Best answer. Also (for members only) check for the actual points:
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