2023’s Best Finance Instagram Accounts to Follow

2023’s Best Finance Instagram Accounts to Follow

Social media has become a powerful tool in business. Instagram is among the most effective marketing tools. Most people use Instagram for their satisfaction by posting pictures. However, some people use this social media account to earn money.

Having a finance business or working in finance requires you to be knowledgeable on such platforms as Instagram. It’s because it is essential to make it known to your customers that you have a certain level of influence. Being actively engaged or buy instagram views is the way to go for many.

10 Best Finance Instagram Accounts to Follow

The Financial Diet (@thefinancialdiet)

The Financial Diet’s Instagram account boasts a whopping 820k followers. Their tagline is “Helping Women Talk About Money.” The Financial Diet has a prolific Instagram account with 3,222 posts and counting. It fearlessly discusses how women should manage money through its posts, podcasts, and videos.

Investopedia (@investopedia)

Investopedia has 318k followers to date. It posts very useful and practical advice on how to manage one’s finances. It also has a wealth of online resources on topics that range from business and economy to taxation, investments, and the like.

Ticker by Finology @finologyticker

Surprisingly, Ticker by Finology has 273 followers. It is an Instagram account that posts all the latest things about finance.

Mastermind Investor (@mastermindinvestor)

Mastermind Investor has 169k followers. Their Instagram feed is filled with resources about finance and advice on investing. They tackle topics on everything about stocks.

Ellevest (@ellevest)

Ellevest has 353k followers to date. Its posts are mostly addressed to women, encouraging them to take care of their finances, invest for the future, and prepare for retirement. This page is an advocacy for uplifting women’s financial power.

Wealthsimple (@wealthsimple)

To date, Wealthsimple has 117k followers. It is a digital investment management company that offers financial services. For those who are looking for coaching about proper investment and money management, Wealthsimple is the place to go.

NerdWallet @nerdwallet

Nerdwallet’s Instagram account has 104k followers. Like Wealthsimple, NerdWallet also offers financial advice to those who most need it. Their Instagram feed has topics that range from credit scores to credit card reviews, options on investments, and much more useful information about saving and spending.

Broke Millenial (@brokemillenialblog)

This Instagram account with 54.3k followers is not just for millennials and their cohorts. Anyone from baby boomers to Gen Z can benefit from the great financial advice that they often post. Her Instagram posts include videos and podcasts about tips on saving, starting an emergency fund, and managing debt.

The Money Manual (@themoneymanual)

The Money Manual, with 17.2K followers, is making noise in the financial world as they dedicate this account to people who need to become financially literate. This account is a school for financial dummies. So, if you are new to finance and don’t know how to handle your hard-earned cash, follow The Money Manual.

Bola Sokunbi (@bolasokunbi)

With a fair share of 15.8K followers Bola Sokunbi’s Instagram account is a good source of informative posts about money-related topics for girls.

You don’t only invest in money but, most importantly, in getting yourself noticed on Instagram.

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