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This week we had a Pizza Night and tried out 3 variety of pizza from Dr. Oetker – Panebello ,  Ristorante and Casa di Mama. My favourite one was Casa di Mama Peppers & 3 Cheese, thin crust pizza with a rising edge. The crust bakes perfectly .This pizza has a perfect combination of 3 cheese : emmental, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and SPICE . Pickled chili peppers gives the unique taste of this spicy pizza.   This has to be one of the best frozen pizza's that why gets a big thums up. I w...
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  Panebello Classic Canadian - Pepperoni, Bacon & musrooms  - DELICIOUS!   Great toppings: the peppers tasted fresh,  the bacon was crispy and the mushrooms tasty. The  crust was thicker than the thin crust that we usually buy but.  it was crisp on the outside, and soft and doughy on the inside.  The only complaint I would have was that the pizza size was a bit small.   I will definitely be purchasing these pizza again in the future. 
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A friend of mine invited me out for lunch on Sunday to celebrate my b-day. We went to Paisano’s restaurant. I never been there before but I like italian food and also I was in the mood to try a new place in town.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />   First impression: The parking lot is very small, but we were the first customers so it wasn’t a problem to get a parking spot. Went in and the place looked cozy with plenty of seating. It is more li...
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      Most people haven't heard of king oyster mushrooms , but they can be found pretty easily at any Asian supermarket, and occasionally it is also sold in regular grocery stores.   I don’t know why only “occasionally" in regular stores, since are product of Canada grown at Enviro Mushroom  Farm Ontario.      King oyster mushrooms are large white mushrooms that are both tall and fat, and have a lovely meaty and chewy consistency. I like these prepared sim...
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  I  just tried Caramel Ice Cream with a Caramel Centre topped with a MilkChocolate.  Chocolate.   Not my cup of tea!  But, if you like Caramel you'll  probably enjoy it!  Anyway this time I enjoyed more the price $2.49 (No Frills)  than the ice cream. I am still in love with the other one  Chocolate Ice Cream with aCaramel Centre topped with a Milk Chocolatey Coating (see my previous review).     
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These are delicious!  I had never seen them before, but the package looked delicious so I  bought    this product  from No Frills for only $2.97.   I t is on sale.   Package contains 4 - 140 ml ball top cones.  I tried the chocolate ice cream ones topped with a milk chocolatey coating, pecans and toffee.  From first bite I fell in love. The taste is just....amazing, rich, smooth, creamy... The toffee and pecan topping is superb. This product is quite affordab...
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  Bright Crystal is a feminine, very gorgeous scent. It smells flowery, but nothing too overpowering and it is light.   I love the smell of this perfume!   The packaging is elegant and beautiful even if the price is a little high . I would definitely recommend purchasing this fragrance as you can wear it day or night and even all year round.
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  I just tried this one today.I was expecting of something amazing, very fresh but ... is not. It is not the  perfect spring fragrance.  The rose note is a little bit too strong, so it is a little bit too sweet for me. The longevity on me was disappointing, lasted maybe 1 1/2 hours. L ike it but don't love it.
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        I got this as a sample from my last purchase. It was love at first smell.  It's sophisticated, yet warm, and yet there is a sweetness to it all at the same time.E legant scent. The smell is very feminine yet sensual. Love it!