Posted: 1/11/2016 - 8 comment(s)
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I've had our local Legion's restaurant, 'Armoury Grill' suggested to me for a long time now. Last Friday was their 'Steak Night' special so my husband and I headed down to see how it was. I ordered the filet mignon special which gave me a Caesar salad, grilled filet mignon, baked potato and seasoned vegetables at $30.50 while my husband ordered the Top Sirloin steak with the same side orders except that he chose his meal with the Chef's Baked Potatoes Selection of the evening: mixed baby potatoes at $21.50/ meal that also included the Caesar salad. Now, the Filet mignon I ordered was definitely more tender but all in all both meals surprised what I was expecting. Generally, I was pleased with the meals and I went there now only to try their menu but to know a percentage of our meal which was going to the Canadian Legion which I try to support for personal reasons.

All in all I was impressed and if those of you Savers wish to try/ support our Canadian Legions, then this may well be some a venue to pursue in your local area.