Posted: 3/3/2016 - 6 comment(s)
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I was recently shopping at Superstore and found this product on one of their discounted shelves priced at 30% off. I wanted to thoroughly clean all the blinds in my home, especially the kitchen blinds which seem to magical amass quite a bit of dust and grease. Simply dusting them/wiping them down wasn't doing the job and I thought perhaps this product might work.

I took the kitchen blinds down and went to the bathtub to spray them down with this product and let them sit awhile to make sure they were fully clean. I then returned, rinsed them well and Voila! they were completely spotless! 

Vim makes many cleansers for use in your home. This spray says it's "Multi purpose and for the kitchen" but I would use in the bathroom as well. It's also dermatologically tested.

I was very happy with this product and would happily buy it again whether it was on sale or not. (: