Posted: 4/9/2016 - 4 comment(s)
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I recently won this signed book from Goodreads. The American author, Kenneth Chastain, is a former language teacher. I was excited to win this book since I am quite interested in English grammar, spelling and literature. The book is 111 pages long and is intended to bring awareness about proper grammar.

The author has sub-divided the book into easy-to-follow headings which are aimed at making students aware of objects and situations around them and how to encorporated the English language into correct grammar.

I enjoyed reading this. He brought forth so many good ideas that students don't use or realize in forming correct grammar. This is a book that is primarily aimed at teachers in that field of work.

This is not a book to be 'entertaining' but as a learning tool. After reading it, I will donate it to our local library where I hope it will inspire young students to develop their grammar skills and to learn a sense of appreciation for English grammar.