Saveland Flyers

Saveland New Flyer page features flyers all across Canada. Simply enter in the postal code to get all the local flyers. The new script pulls in all the flyers in one convenient location.

You can get flyers from all sorts of categories from groceries to restaurants to merchandice. Once you select a flyer category then click the flyer you wish to view. You can then scroll through all the pages easliy by dragging the image left or right. You can zoom in to get a closer look at each item. You can zoom out to get an overall view.

If there is an item of interest you can click on it. From there a pop out appear that gives you an option to clip it so you can view it in your shopping list later. You can all click on the "See It" button to go to the actual flyer page of the corresponding vendor.

The Shopping list button convenitely shows you all the clippings you made. It also has quick suggestions to find common items. You can view all locations of on particular item. That is a real handy feature.

Enjoy the awesome flyer viewer.