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Saveland Reward Program (SRP)
What is the Saveland Reward Program(SRP)?
How can I join the Saveland Reward Program?
How can I get rewarded with cash on Saveland?
Is there a limit on how much I can earn?
Where can I find more information about SRP?

How do I earn points?
What activities reward me with points?

Spending Points
How can I spend points?

Daily Draw Terms & Conditions
Who is eligible?
How do I enter?
How are winners picked?
Any other rules?

Membership benefits
How to Register?
How to invite friends?
More benefits?
Is it fun?
What can I win?
How do I know if I have won

Are Contests easy to upload?
Why is the title important?
Why add an image?
How do I add an image or photo?
Can I re-size a picture?
Why add Rules and Regulations
Why is tagging important?
When to vote Thumbs Down?

Your Account
I can't login, or I forgot my username or password.
How can I delete my account?
How can I update my profile?
How can I update my email address?
How can I report an error or other problem with the site?
Why is my Password not working?
How do I upload or change my Avatar Image or Photo
How do I change my user name?

Reporting Abuse
How can I deal with someone that is bothering me?
How can I report spam or other inappropriate content?

Is my information kept private?
How can I make my profile private?
How can I block users from contacting me?

Why do Members love Saveland

Posted 2 month(s) ago by carpetbag
Question: lbeaton--since they won't let me answer to your response I will "ask" another question. you said "t's like all the Admin just vanished..."Contact us" doesn't..., Points: 0
Posted 1 year(s) ago by rosebuddy
Question: What are people supposed to do with points? Is it really only that rebates site now?, Points: 0
Posted 1 year(s) ago by lbeaton
Question: Is there even one member who has used GCR? Seeing that there is no forum, I ask here. I have had zero luck with anything there. A sad waste after earning and having close to 15,000 points..., Points: 0
Posted 1 year(s) ago by Lusnia
Question: So just to clarify, there is no forum, quiz section, review section. And no coupons or deals just “Great Canadian Rebate” things. And flyers, with ads for the “GCR”. So why is does this..., Points: 1
Posted 1 year(s) ago by LS905
Question: What happened to the Polls?
What can I do with mt points?
, Points: 0