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Someone asked me if I had heard of this place being a vegetarian and a foodie. I hadn't. So when I had I was looking it up I saw a twitter post that it had been named en route magazine 9th best new restaurant in Canada.  Now I had to try it. Reading the reviews it opens at 530 and it gets full before 6. Planned to go at 530 on a saturday night. Were in the neighboud at 5 and wandering around went back to near the restaurant at 520 thinking would just be walking by to another store it was pouring rain. Saw t...
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I got this as a free sample. Great idea to add puffed quinoa to a gronola bar. I didn't enjoy the bar found the quinoa didn't have enough flavour in it. The sweet chocolate taste over powered it. There are two many ingredients in this bar so its not comparable to something I would normally buy. Its not a health bar it still has oats and other grains in it just has quinoa added to it it did add a bit of a nice crunch to the bar. I liked the texture of it but not the flavour.
Posted: 10/27/2013 - 13 comment(s)
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I took this tour in February and haven’t forgotten Alex and his driver. If you visit Cuba contact Alex for a private tour anywhere in Cuba. He picked us up from the hotel in Varedero in a nice car and took us to Havana. We stopped in all the places we had an interest in; there was never any push to visit anywhere we didn’t want to go like on regular tours.  Was so great to have a private English-speaking guide who was from Cuba and knew exactly where we would want to go. I wanted to go to the chocol...
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I have wanted this for a while I am a Tony Horton fan but don't think p90x is something I would want to do. I like the idea of 10 minute workouts much better. I was waiting for a sale and got one with beach body's anniversary sale. It cost $100 shipping/tax included which may seem like a lot but the effect beach body has on my fitness level is worth this price and more and I will be using these workouts for a very long time. Although Shaun T's workouts are beach body i have never purchased from beach body dir...
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I borrowed this from the library. Thought it looked good as all the workouts were 10 minutes. Its incredibly boring the moves are hard but standard gym moves. Its not motivating for me to watch people that are less fit than I am. It took me a few days after doing workout one to get motivated again to try another one. I tried 5 which was the last one it was much better than workout one. I cannot motivate myself to try this again. I think this dvd is more geared towards people that are not moderately active but i...
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My friend has told me she drives down to seattle just to eat here. Once has recently opened in Vancouver I asked them on opening night I wasn't allowed in if they were the same as the one in the states and they said yes but it is a little different because they use Canadian ingredients. I finally got a chance to try it.  This is a fast food mexican type restaurant basically read of the board and order. Standard Mexican food menu burrito,taco,salad, etc choose your filling. There was a very long line up for 53...
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out of all the dolce gusto drinks I have tried this is the one I like the least. The coffee seems to have more of a burnt taste than a vanilla flavour. Everything else is good. 
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I like this one better than starbucks. Its got a very nice caramel taste and if i set it to extra large cup it fills up my travel mug and it has stayed hot for 3 hours.
Posted: 1/2/2013 - 17 comment(s)
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I decided that I am saving enough money on cutting back on starbucks saving $5.32 per day that I needed a second home coffee machine. I already have a tassimo that I do love but i have been using it for the last two and really only one type of coffee pod I drink the long espresso which I have noticed a signficant price increase in, was also kind of weary that this will be discontinued and then I would be stuck without a home coffee machine and that would be wrong.  When the dolce gusto was on sale with $80 wo...
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I wanted something that I could use flashplayer on without having to turn on my computer. I have an iphone and a mac so I wanted something other than an apple product. It was a shopping channel showstopper came with headphones, a good case that turns into a stand, and a bag that fits the case in it and an hdmi cable as with this you can plug it straight into the tv no need to attach to a computer. It was around $150. My problem has been I used my iphone as my internet and it doesn't pick up the signal so I cant use t...