Posted: 1/21/2013 - 10 comment(s)
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I have wanted this for a while I am a Tony Horton fan but don't think p90x is something I would want to do. I like the idea of 10 minute workouts much better. I was waiting for a sale and got one with beach body's anniversary sale. It cost $100 shipping/tax included which may seem like a lot but the effect beach body has on my fitness level is worth this price and more and I will be using these workouts for a very long time.

Although Shaun T's workouts are beach body i have never purchased from beach body directly befor. This time I did and got some bonus shakeology samples, the cardio belt, an online workout while waiting for shipping, 30 day trial membership for team beach body.

They e-mailed me an online abs workout the next day after i bought it. I tried it once its a decent workout. I personally prefer Shaun T's 10 minute abs but I don't like getting on the floor. Shipping only took a week. Until you get the package you don't realize that if you don't have a door with a hinge this is going to be a useless workout. They say you can do the moves without the bands but its not the same. I fortunately have one hinge and can somewhat see the tv from there, and was easily able to set up the resistance band. I think this idea is brilliant using a door to get a decent resistance machine in your house. Some of the workouts require the resistance band not attached to the door i don't want to take one down so i use the band i got with my wii for those workouts.

I tried one of the workouts without the cardio belt and could feel the difference with the belt. Either way these workouts wear me out. I am definitely sweating and tired after workout two. I am pretty sure I will see results with this one. I do find Tony goes a little too fast but that's the idea you only have 10 minutes and after a few times I am sure it won't be a problem.  I definitely wouldn't be doing workouts like this that were longer but I can make it through 10 minutes each move is one minute and I like that the trainor gets tired with the workout too. There is a 2 minute warm up and cool down which is nice. the workouts have the option of warm/up cool down or just workout.

The package also comes with a tape measurer, diet plan, other things that are interesting. I think its worth purchasing.