Posted: 3/1/2015 - 5 comment(s)
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We were thinking about sushi on our way home saw this and decided to stop. We were going to get take out but decided to stay after we were in the place was really busy. We just sat at a small table and we were lucky to get it. We noticed that it was full of customers but none were asian. The service was good and prompt. The food was pretty good the sushi to me was okay not the best but not bad. However the bill was suprisingly cheap. We had some sweet  potatoe patties for an appetizer, came with 6 of them and some sauce it was white but not mayo. Then between the two of us there were 3 rolls (one with salmon, and two veggie) plus miso soup and tea. The whole bill came to  $21 for 3 people with tax for that amount of food is a good price.  The customers seemed to be regulars listening to the interaction between the server and customers it was a nice community place. The clientelle was not asian which is different than the other sushi places that I usually visit. For Maple Ridge this is a good sushi restaurant.