Posted: 12/6/2015 - 9 comment(s)
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I bought this of a social coupon site to start with. It is a booking service to get cleaners or repair men and they say people are experienced and they are rated by people who have used them you can request someone regularly. I have never used them and went with what was assigned to me you and didn't do the research on what the reviews were.  What I like about it is that it is easier to get time slots that are convienient because different people are working there are only certain times where I can be home so this made it convinient. I find with other services it is really hard to get appoitments as they are always booked the time I want. You book your time on an app and you are assigned a "professional" the automation process is good it is really easy to change your appoitment and leave messages by e-mail. In my case I have only tried the cleaning service. The app shows you where your professional is 15 minutes before your appoitment. I have had someone twice and both times they have arrived more than 15 minutes early which was actually inconvieient for me as both times I was not ready for them to arrive early. The first one that showed up was male and it was a bit intimidating for me as I was alone and this is a stranger in my apartment. He had brought his good cleaning supplies and was very nice and friendly and wasn't creepy thank god. The problem with him was he decided my sink was clogged spent all his time trying to unclogg it except he made it worse. In the end he did clean everything except he had left the kitchen until last and actually didn't clean enough there. After he left I realized he had left my sink closed and clogged and he had told me to get it repaired but it was still working before he arrived. I did book a repair man on handy but then my brother wanted to try fixing it so I did easily cancel my booking on handy. In the end my brother who is not professional at all you tubed things and fixed it. If this one had done the job he was there for which was cleaning instead of repairs then I would have been okay with him. As soon as the cleaner leaves you are sent a link to rate your service out of 5 and give your feedback if you want. He wanted me to give him 5 stars on the review but I gave him 3.5. The way to get the cheaper service with Handy is to book regular sessions but they are cancellable so I thought I would give the next one a chance a month later I already knew it was a different person and this time i could tell from the name it would be female. This one showed up with no cleaning supplies not even a rag.  luckily have a few cleaning supplies and the cleanings are a treat for me but if I am going to get a cleaner then I don't buy supplies as I figure a professional would have supplies and that is part of the cost savings. It was very disappointing to have someone come and clean your place with no supplies to clean with.  I don't have all the tools a professional cleaner would need. I told her to start with the kitchen and her job was okay but my job is better and actually have to reclean so that was truly disappointing and a rip off so I went straight to the app to cancel any future services. The cancellation process was super easy jsut go to cancel it comes up with options on why I chose poor service. I got a response right away that if I am willing to give it another chance they will give me a top rated professional for free so i booked that deal. We will see what kind of service the next one brings. I like the app for this but it is too difficult to find someone who is actually professional here and the regular price is much too expensive I didn't pay regular price so I feel I paid an okay price for okay service so far and back to doing things myself.