Posted: 12/25/2015 - 8 comment(s)
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The hard rock casino (Vancouver/Coquitlam) has converted one of the restaurants they had before into a buffet. I have been to the buffet twice now and I have to be a little biased because the two times I have eaten the buffet and then went into the casino are the two biggest winning days I have ever had in any casino. I have eaten in other restaurant in the hard rock and had no luck in the casino until I ate the buffet.  The first time was new and it was around 5 which was the start of dinner the line was pretty big it looked like there may have been some promotional coupons out I didn't have any. As the restaurant is converted the tables are still around the bar and the food is in another room in the back. Dinner was around $15. As I am vegetarian I am just accompying the meat eaters during buffets and I am happy if there is salad, 1 entre, and dessert that doesn't have meat sprinkled on top. This one had a small salad bar, some really good potato chips that I think were made in house, some vegetarian pasta, and some veggie main dishes I don't remember what they were just regular vegetables. This is the only buffet I have ever been to where the dessert section does not tempt me whatsoever, looks like cut up packaged stuff like nainamo bars, cakes that are dried out etc. It is probably a good thing because I need to cut back on my desserts after all those carbs I ate. The food is actually pretty tasty and I really liked those chips. The servers do come around for drink orders they don't have lemonade or mint tea I have learned they do have cranberry juice. The dinner selection wasn't too big there were a couple of fish and chicken dishes that satisfied my mom that's what she wanted. Because the buffet was an afterthought the tables are ackward as people have to walk past constantly to get their food so it is not very private. Dinner was okay there was enough food to keep me full and the price wasn't bad. We went back again about a month later for lunch I always ask to take a look before I pay for a buffet jsut to make sure there are some vegetarian items. Lunch was less than $10 after players discount. This time the selection of the entres had changed it was indian themed there was veggie korma, veggie lasagna, mushroom ragout, and for meat eaters fish and butter chicken (I don't remember the rest). Those chips were still there, veggie samosas, jalapeno poppers, the salad bar, rice, mashed potatos, and some other mixed veggies. Nothing was spicy but I was happy with the food and I was stuffed after my first round. The dessert bar got more selection still not too appealing to me but there were a couple of things that were okay. I thought lunch was a great deal I will definately go there again for lunch and maybe the secret to winning on slots is eating the buffet before playing:-)