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Weekly Prizes

The weekly prizes have ended. If you have any Saveland points you want to use then you can transfer them to Great Canadian Rebates where the points will be treated like cash. A Saveland member with points can accumulate cash back rebates 30% faster than a regular member at Great Canadian Rebates. The points get converted to cash as you accumulate more rebates. See below for more details.

Spend Your Points on Cash


• All your points are worth money at No more raffles.
• 200 Saveland points is equivalent to $1.
• Maximum conversion of 30% of Cash Back Rebates eligible for pay out at any given time.
• Example : $100 Cash Back Balance at GCR becomes $130.
• Excess points remain as points until more cash back rebates are eligible for pay out.
• Collect more cash back rebates and convert more points to cash.

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