These Apps Will Help You Save Money

These Apps Will Help You Save Money

Who doesn’t want to save money? Still, even though we all make it a goal, it can be tricky to keep track of expenses on your own. However, certain apps can make this less challenging. 

On top of that, some of them offer discounts and deals that you should not miss! Below, we have listed the best apps that Canadians should take advantage of to save as much money as possible.


What makes KOHO so great is that it also offers a free reloadable debit card. This makes it ideal for saving money and staying on a budget. Unlike your regular debit card, you’ll always receive a cashback of anywhere from 0.50% to 2%. 

It’s hard to believe that it is free to use since it is possible to cash out the cashback any time. In fact, we have yet to find a downside with this app.

2. Checkout 51

We recommend using this fantastic app when you go shopping for groceries. It’s so easy to use, and the process is simple as well. You only need to download the app and check the discount offers, all of which renew each Thursday morning. 

After this, you just have to choose the ones you like and buy them from the store you want. Then, you just have to take a photo of the receipt and upload it via the app. As a tip, you can even combine coupons from similar apps and get more rewards!

3. Swagbucks

If you’re on the lookout for a side gig, Swagbucks might be the answer. It allows you to earn some cash by answering surveys, browsing, watching videos, shopping online, and more. 

Once you sign up, you can visit an online store through it and receive SB points for each dollar spent. The accumulated points can then be redeemed as gift cards or cash once you reach the $3 payout threshold.

4. Paymi

What’s fantastic about Paymi is that this cashback app is supported by CIBC. It’s also a simple process – you only have to use a linked card when shopping at a participating retailer to earn your money back. 

Here are some of the shops that have partnered with Paymi: Aldo, Burger King, Leons, Lowe’s, Gap, and Lululemon. Your earnings can be easily cashed out through Interac.

5. Ampli

On the other hand, the Royal Bank of Canada backs Ampli. You also get some money back by shopping at one of the participating retailers via the app. 

Adidas, DoorDash, Boston Pizza, Home Depot, Mary Brown’s, and Rexall are some of the brands that have partnered with the app. Likewise, it’s easy enough to cash out the earnings using Interac.

6. Drop

Do you want to receive gift cards for free when you shop at the stores you love? If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that Drop is both easy to use and free! 

Simply sign up, link a payment method, and rake in rewards points by shopping at various stores. It is automatic, so it feels like getting rewards without needing to give it a single thought!


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